Enhancing Our Future

We're different because of our values.

Discover the difference that we, with your support, can make to our planet and the people that live on it. Charles Babb Designs supports a wide range of projects to help build a more sustainable future. We focus on 3 different programs which focus on caring for children with heart defects, caring for people with cancer and preserving nature.

Charles Babb Designs is dedicated to building a brighter future for our earth and our surrounding communities. We dedicate 5% of our sales to 3 organizations that are close to our hearts and we trust yours as well.

It is very important to our company to change our environment and the lives of others.

One way in doing so is for us to give:

International Children’s Heart Foundation

International Children’s Heart Foundation

The mission of the International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF) is to bring the skills, technology and knowledge to cure and care for children with congenital heart disease in developing nations. ICHF does this regardless of country of origin, race, religion or gender. Their goal is to make the need for ICHF obsolete. They work toward this goal through medical mission trips, where they operate on children and educate local healthcare professionals. Approximately 1 in every 100 children will be born with a heart defect.

American Forest Foundation

American Forest Foundation

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) works on-the-ground with families, teachers and elected officials to promote stewardship and protect the values provided by our nation’s forest heritage. A commitment to the next generation unites our nationwide network of forest owners and teachers. These devoted professionals work to keep our forests healthy and our children well-prepared for the future they will inherit.

The Wig Bank of Caldwell County

The Wig Bank of Caldwell County

The Wig Bank of Caldwell County proudly serves the community by supporting people who are fighting cancer. They offer a home of respite staffed with volunteers who are available with information, a listening ear and compassion.

Some of the services they offer every patient regardless of race, sex, religion or income level, in a most confidential manner, include:

Providing a free wig to our clients.

Offering in-house licensed stylists to help select and style wig.

Providing gas gift cards to assist with travel appointments.

Providing grocery gift cards for families who are struggling financially.

Offering several support and encouragement groups.

They depend on donations to continue to meet the needs of this ever-growing population of women, men and children in our community.

The Wig Bank of Caldwell County is located on Mulberry Street, right up the street from Caldwell Memorial Hospital and right next to the Cancer Center. It is open to all cancer patients, their families and friends.

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