A Unique and Personal Memorial

Being widowed is a difficult and emotional experience. It may be hard even to look at your and your spouse's wedding rings for some time afterward. But a time may come when you decide you don't want them to sit in a drawer, but you can't or don't want to wear them on your hand. However, the idea of melting them down may be painful.

Fortunately, there are options to make these wearable again while keeping the original wedding band intact.

wedding bands rings

Of course, some may prefer the simplest option of just wearing the ring on a chain around their neck, or having it sized to fit their own finger. But if a more personalized memorial is your style, consider having it made into a special pendant. Using gold from the engagement ring, or from another sentimental source, a panel can be made that fits down inside the band. This can be made with any type of design, for example hearts or abstract swirls. This is also a good way to use any stones from the engagement ring. The plate is soldered into the band, keeping the original wedding band intact. Then a bail can be added to the top to create a unique pendant.

Below are renderings of this concept with a couple different designs.

ruby pendant reuse wedding band two tone
ruby pendant reuse wedding band two tone

Grieving is a different process for every individual. If wearing your and your spouses rings in this way would be meaningful and special to you, or if you have another idea you'd like to try, contact Charles Babb Designs for a free consultation and let us help you create the perfect heirloom design.

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